Role in the TEMPO consortium

ATO-GEAR focuses on the development of next generation running wearables that offer the monitoring capacity of a full biomechanics lab, in a wearable device that can be used in almost any environment, by a broad population of users. The affordable and wearable nature of ATO-GEAR’s technology lends itself to many applications facilitating the generation and collection of rich biomechanical data on an unprecedented scale.

To be able to realise the full potential of ATO-GEAR’s data driven eco-system, ATO-GEAR is developing data intelligence technologies, tools and services. The benefits of machine learning approaches can be leveraged to transform human body movement data into highly valuable and industry relevant outcomes. Example applications include predicting which footwear will provide the optimal function for an individual, or predicting the injury risks for an individual based upon based on their biomechanical profile and product use. Widescale adoption is expected to reduce drop out and increase participation rates in running bringing the health benefits of regular exercise to a broader population.