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Role in the TEMPO consortium

For “TEMPO”, both Leti and List institutes contribute from new design to hardware implementation in Leti 300mm cleanroom focusing on Spiking Neural Networks (SNN) applications; mainly to support VALEO ambitious user cases as well as STG with the swiss partners.

CEA-Leti  designs new “neuromorphic” structures to evaluate 1T-1R (one transistor – one resistive element) on top of advanced CMOS logic (up to Metal #4) by starting from 28nm FDSOI technology supported by ST Microelectronics in Crolles (France). Following the specific memory module defined and implemented in the 300mm cleanroom, CEA-Leti finalizes the interconnections to enable the testing process. Part of it is supported by CEA-List in Saclay (close to Paris) using the so-called “N2D2” hardware. The TEMPO project allows a benchmark of different kind of memories, CEA-Leti evaluates OxRAM memories with appropriate design targeting SNN applications.