Influences on the nonlinearity of ferroelectric synapses for neuromorphic computing

Crystallographic phase and orientation mapping of ferroelectric HfO2 thin films by transmission Kikuchi diffraction

Tuneable linearity in HfO2 based multilevel FeFETs for neuromorphic computing

Technology & Hardware for nEuromorphic coMPuting: the TEMPO project

  • P. Debacker (imec)

  • 04.11.2019

  • NeuroTech Forum 2019

Keynote "Tiny AI Applications"

  • W. Furtner (IFAG)

  • 04.11.2019

  • NeuroTech Forum 2019

Keynote "Neuromorphic Computing: Perspectives and Challenges for Health Care"

  • R. Ismail, M. Stassen (PRE)

  • 04.11.2019

  • NeuroTech Forum 2019

Spectrum-based Single-Snapshot Super-Resolution Direction-of-Arrival Estimation using Deep Learning

Efficient FeFET Crossbar Accelerator for Binary Neural Networks

Learning Representations for Neural Networks Applied to Spectrum-Based Direction-of-Arrival Estimation for Automotive Radar

Quantization considerations of dense layers in convolutional neural networks for resistive crossbar implementation

A Ferroelectric FET Based In-memory Architecture for Multi-Precision Neural Networks

Keynote: Choosing the right combination of technology, design and tools is key for successful Edge AI solutions

Ultra Low Power Flexible Precision FeFET based Analog In-memory Computing